^^^ After Every Dollar
Born Ronald Jordane Blunt Jr. March 9th 1988 Charleston South Carolina Occupation Rapper/ Songwriter / Producer Years active 2003-Present Website www.starmoneyclique.com Genre s Rap/Hiphop/R&B Instruments Keyboard/Drums Label Star Money Clique Associated acts Bad Newz, Tino, Beat Punishers, Dino Ronald Jordane Blunt Jr simply known as Blunt was born March 9th 1988 in Charleston South Carolina and moved to Dayton, Ohio with his mother and sister at the age of 9. A few years later he started making music with his local crew. Three years later they went there separate ways. Blunt still perused his music career solo. In 2005 he met 1.5 who seen a raw talent in Blunt. Together the got with another friend and formed Beat Punishers a production group. As the only person who rapped in the group Blunt put out solo music. In 2014 he linked up with Bad Newz, and Tino and formed the google certified group Da League. They recorded there first CD, (available everywhere music is streamed under LXG) “The Legacy” shortly after the group signed to Tama Industries an Indy Label from San Antonio TX. Under that Label the group put out there album “You Ain’t Herd” This Album seen Blunt put out two videos “Waitress” which was mastered by the late great Moe Beats (RIH) and “Twerk It” after the promises and non payment of there work Da Leagues members spent a year in music Exile. The Group Decided to sign themselves as solo artists under there own Label Star Money Clique. Currently Blunt is working on a Solo cd untitled as of now to be released later this year!
^^^ Rocking My Coogi
^^^ Saucy