Beat Punishers
Founded in 2005 by 1.5, Blunt, and Teef Dayton, Ohio Active 2005-Present Website Label Star Money Clique Beat Punishers also known as BP formed when work friends Blunt, 1.5, and Teef had a vision to start a production company and find local artists to work with. 1.5 had the studio Equipment, Blunt had the talent and Teef had the business mentality. Later that year they signed Bad Newz as there first artist. A few years later they signed Tino. In 2014 they became part of Da League. Signed briefly to Tama Industries, they are now signed to them selves. Currently they are working on Bad Newz’s Money to be Made 2 album Tino’s album and they are releasing an album for them selves. Featuring local artists on BP beats
FaceCard featuring DeMarco Video ¥
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